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Welcome to the Greater Boston Chapter of Dowsers

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2018 Greater NE UFO Conference
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2018 Schedule!

Dowsing lessons from 1:00-2:00

Meeting from 2:00-5:00

Chapter Members $8.00, Guests $10

Click here for Directions to the Bedford Unitarian Church, 75 Great Road, Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

January meeting cancelled due to frigid weather  

February 3rd: We will learn how to find missing pets, missing people and missing items 

March 3rd: Genesa Crystals!  Our meeting is cancelled at the church due to weather, but we will have an online class using GoToMeeting:

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (224) 501-3316

Access Code: 894-102-725

More phone numbers
Canada: +1 (647) 497-9373

First GoToMeeting? Let's do a quick system check:: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/894102725 

If you have an issue logging in, call my cell at 978-340-9304 

April 7th: Continue with using Genesa Crystals using materials such as paper, copper, pipe cleaners, plastic. Make your own!  http://www.young-design.com/make-your-own-genesa-crystal/

May 5th: Special event at American Stonehenge Click here for website Please meet at American Stonehenge  on Saturday, May 5th at 11:30 with potluck lunch to share inside of the building where the gift shop is. We will be receiving a group rate (regular rate is $12) and a special tour. You can bring your walking stick. Please call Susan with any questions. 978-340-9304.

September 8th: Meet at 66 Westford Street, Carlisle, MA in the Carlisle Town Hall parking lot at Noon.  We will explore the Conant Property and find ancient sites, vortexes (vortices) and Turtle Mounds.  Bring a snack to share for lunch and a lawn chair to sit on. Bring your dowsing tools.  I will have L-rods and dowsing tools for sale.

Call Susan with questions: 978-340-9304

October 13th: Map Dowsing! We will dowse on maps of sacred areas, regions, or even your property.  Come join us while we explore this aspect of dowsing while sitting in your chair!

November 3rd: Manifestation...what do you want? By using dowsing, we will teach you step by step how to do acquire your heart's desire.

December 1st: Holiday Party! From Noon until 3:00 PM.  This event is a potluck and we ask that you bring a wrapped gift of a $10 value for our party! Contact DeLores Cook  (978-632-1331) to let her know what you'll bring to share for our wonderful meal!


2017 Schedule!

Dowsing lessons from 1:00-2:00

Meeting from 2:00-5:00

Chapter Members: $8.00, Guests: $10.00

Directions to the Bedford Unitarian Church (75 Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730)


January 7th: Cancelled due to snow/ice storm

February 4th: Manifestation!  Learn how to create the life you want and attract everything your heart desires.  Come learn the powerful words you need to draw everything you want to you!

March 4th: Dr. Ruth Molin: Past Life Regression; what were you in a past life. We will have exercises with hypnosis and regression.

April 1st: Meeting at the Church Cancelled due to snow!  Click here to join us online! Email by 1:00 PM by clicking here to get the login code smcneill@net1plus.com The PAPER D0CT0R!  You will be taught this vibrational way of healing yourself with a simple glass of water, a piece of paper and a magnet.  We will discuss the various ways this science is used.  Come and create your own patterns!  If you are NOT a member of the Boston Dowsers, you need to respond to my email with a phone call; any emails I have received from non-members have been replied to and my phone number provided.

May 6th: National Labyrinth Day!  Come join us in blessing and walking a Chartres Labyrinth in Natick, Massachusetts.  Please email Susan for directions and details!  Please note: meeting time will be from Noon until 2:00 PM.

Happy Summer!




September 9th: Joel Kaplan, Medical intuitive: Joel died in a car crash after experiencing a heart attack. He was brought back to life with a defibrillator machine after being shocked seven times.  Prior to this, the procedure was only shocking a person three times. He became a national case study and ultimately changed the procedures in using these life-saving defibrillator machines across the United States. 

He returned with gifts that manifest themselves in healing and in the ability to answer your any number of your questions. Joel can look at an individual and very clearly see into their reality. He has the gift of clairaudience and telepathy, with his skills to be used only in a positive manner.  Joel is internationally recognized as a medical intuitive, clairvoyant and healer, He works all over the world assisting individuals to grow and become more of who they truly are.  His deep desire is to serve all others at their highest level for their highest good.


October 14th: Adhi Two Owls, her usual amazing Shaman stuff

November 4th: Kyle Russell: Crystals

December 2nd: Holiday Party!  Special Time: Noon to 3:00 PM



2016 Schedule

Dowsing lessons from 1:00-2:00

Meeting from 2:00-5:00

Chapter Members: $8.00, Guests: $10.00

Directions to the Bedford Unitarian Church (75 Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730)



January 9: Geomancy,Space Clearing

We will cover geopathic stress to clear problem areas (homes, dangerous intersections, properties) using Genesa crystals, intention and dowsing



 February 6: continued…Geomancy,Space Clearing


 March 5th: Advanced Dowsing, chapter members will share how they use dowsing 


 April 2nd: Jim Young: Artist/Creator of Genesa Crystals

All about Peralandra and the power and usages of the genesa crystal.   



May 7th: Freddy Silva! He will lecture on Crop Circles, Chartres Cathedral and more!  Click here for an indepth explanation.  He will have copies of his books for purchase.  Special $15 pricing for everyone


June 15th: http://dowsers.org/convention/

 September 10th: Jim Young and the Genesa Crystal http://www.young-design.com/


October 1st: Bill Hall: The World's Most Haunted House and it's connection to UFOs http://www.worldsmosthauntedhouse.com/



November 5th: Doug Debenedictis: Tai Chi and holding your energy


December 10th: Holiday Potluck Party!!! Please contact DeLores Cook to let her know what you will be bringing.  Please bring wrapped gift (value $5-10) for our annual  raffle.  978-632-1331 or email  dcook88@hotmail.com We are looking forward to seeing everyone!


2015 Schedule

Dowsing lessons from 1:00-2:00

Meeting from 2:00-5:00

Chapter Members: $8.00, Guests: $10.00

Directions to the Bedford Unitarian Church (75 Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730)



January 3: Brad Hudson, Shaman & Healer

Brad will share with us his powerful abilities concerning second sight and our own healing abilities. Join us for this loving, interactive event. 


 February 7: Jay Hovenesian,
intuitive and spiritual insights

March 7: Barbara Brandt,
from the 118 ATOMIC ELEMENTS!

Discover the
from the 118 ATOMIC ELEMENTS!
·  You can learn how to communicate with the Elements —
Discover how their Atomic Messages can help with Personal Growth,
Self-Understanding, Relationships, Healing, and Spiritual Guidance!
·  We express the Elements’ spiritual gifts in our own personalities —
Which Atomic Messages are you expressing?
Come learn how to use the Elements’ spiritual meanings in your life

April 4th: Ronny LeBlanc & Bill Penning:

MONSTERLAND: Local Massachusetts Encounters of Bigfoot, UFOS, Grey Aliens and Orange Orbs in Massachusetts


May 2nd: Ellionna Swaan: Living the Life you Love, Letting the Life you Live Love you.  Ellionna has a personal healing message/glyph for each of you from a higher vibrational level.  She returns to us after four years with more messages.

June 3-8, 2015: American Society of Dowsers Convention http://dowsers.org/

September 12th; Special Time: NOON until 4:00 PM: Special 30th Anniversary Celebration! Special guest speaker from Barre, Vermont: Ray Machell; Dowsing & Journeying

October 3rd: Radionics and its uses

November 7th: Gratitude with James Dempsey, Shaman http://jamestheshaman.com/

December 5th: Holiday Potluck Party!!!





2014 Schedule
Dowsing lessons from 1:00-2:00
Meeting from 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Members: $8.00, Guests: $10.00
Directions to the Bedford Unitarian Church (monthly meeting place)

January 4: Akashic Records: Andy Grant will discuss how the Akashic Records contain the vibrational record of each individual soul and its journey. Information from all of your lifetimes are there. You can get information regarding any area of your life: health, work, money, relationships… wherever you’d like insight, guidance and healing information.  http://navitascoach.com/akashic-records/

February 1: Movie...Something Unknown is doing we don't know what.... Telepathy, remote viewing, healing  http://somethingunknown.com/  And if there's time: "Orbs, The Veil is lifting"  http://orbstheveilislifting.com/

March 1: The energetics of Dowsing

April 5: Gratitude with James Dempsey, Shaman http://jamestheshaman.com/

May 3: Field Trip:  Meet at 66 Westford Street, Carlisle, Mass.  meet at the back of the parking lot.  Energy sites and power spots.  2:00 pm.  call Susan at 978-340-9304 for questions.

June 4th to 9th American Society of Dowsers Convention http://dowsers.org/conferences-2.html

July 3rd-8th West Coast Dowser Conference!  http://www.dowserswestcoast.org/

September 6: How do you use your dowsing?  Come and share your dowsing stories!

October 4: All about Druidry, what is a Druid; with Sarah Fuhro

November 1: Advanced Dowsing Techniques; map dowsing, stock market, geopathic stress, finding lost items.

December 6: Potluck Holiday Party; Noon until 4:00 p.m.

2013 Schedule
Dowsing lessons from 1:00-2:00
Meeting from 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Members: $8.00, Guests: $10.00

January 5: We will  share how we use our dowsing skills.  Please come to our roundtable discussion of dowsing techniques!

February 2: Valeska von Allworden will be the speaker.
She plans to talk about her use of dowsing in her healing work, in removing negative entities, and in helping stuck souls to move on to the next realm.
She use Walt Woods’ dowsing method. For newcomers and those who are not familiar with his little instruction booklet “Letter To Robin”, it would be helpful to download it for free from the Internet http://www.lettertorobin.org , so you can familiarize yourselves with his method.  The book is also for sale at our meetings along with various dowsing tools.

March 2: Susan McNeill Spuhler will teach how to find missing items, people and pets.  We will discuss map dowsing and remote viewing
April 6
May 4
September 7: John Wyrick, Sufi.  John's work entails removing karma from your life.  This meeting will clarify why we as a chapter are together in this lifetime.

October 5: Movie: The Sirius Disclosure by Steven Greer

November 2: Advanced Dowsing Skills

December 7:  Annual Potluck Holiday Party at the Bedford UU church! Noon-4:00

2012 Schedule
Dowsing lessons from 1:00-2:00
Meeting from 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Members: $8.00, Guests: $10.00

Directions to Bedford Unitarian Church (click here)
January 14th: How do you use your dowsing?:
We will discuss how we use our dowsing skills on a daily basis

February 11th: Roxie Zwicker: Haunted Portsmouth, New Hampshire site. http://www.newenglandcuriosities.com/

March 10th: Bianca Bova: Physical & Emotional Balancing using Touch for Health
 and her own special healing method.

April 14th: Diane Bray: Homeopathic remedies for Alzheimer's, Arthritis and natural cures for what ails ya.  Diane is a font of health-based knowledge!


May 12th: Virginia Slep, Hypnotist: In recent years, hypnosis has gained increasing respect from the medical community and health plans for its effectiveness. It allows your mind to accept positive suggestions that help you to let go of behaviors not working for you. Virginia Slep will explain what hypnosis is and how it works. She will conclude with a demonstration session.

Ms. Slep has a private practice in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She works closely with many doctors and hospitals in Boston and Metrowest and has offered hypnosis programs at Framingham State, Regis College, and Middlesex Community College.

Please join us to learn more about hypnosis.

September 15th

October 13th

November 10th

December 1st

2011 Schedule
Dowsing lessons from 1:00-2:00
Meeting from 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Members: $8.00, Guests: $10.00
Directions to Bedford Unitarian Church (click here)

January 8th: Onnie Woods will Present Tong Ren: Developed by Tom Tam, and an integral part of the Tom Tam Healing System, Tong Ren is a form of energy therapy for restoring health and vitality. Tong Ren is based on a belief that disease is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of chi, neural bioelectricity, blood, or hormones. Tong Ren seeks to remove these blockages, restoring the body's natural ability to heal itself, even when illnesses are chronic, debilitating, or otherwise untreatable.


March 12th: Ceil Lewonchuk: Ceil has worked with the police for over 30 years with missing persons cases and has many extraordinary stories to share

April 9th: Elionna Swaan: Alien Language

May 7th: Stephanie Woods: (originally scheduled for Feb 5th)Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditative Session. Stephanie is a certified singing bowl practitioner.  Please bring comfortable clothes, blanket, pillow. Click here to hear a singing bowl and see how it charges water.

June 8-14th: ASD Convention Lyndon, Vermont

July/Aug: Summer BBQ (date To be announced)

September 10th: Brenda Bailey: Theta Healing http://www.unlimitedpossibilities101.com/

October 15th: Peter Champoux (Shampoo) Earth Changes, Author of The Gaia Matrix  http://geometryofplace.com/serve.html

November 19th: Henry MacLean will speak on Organic Architecture/Sacred Geometry.  You may remember when he spoke for us regarding Organic Architecture in Sept 2005: http://www.susantom.com/henry.html  Henry will be at our October meeting so you can meet him!

December 3rd: Holiday Party at Bedford UU Church....Noon-4:00 p.m.

2010 Schedule
All meetings are from Saturdays 2:00-5:00 p.m.
New feature:
Dowsing lesson from 1:30-2:00 p.m.; tools will be available for purchase
January 9th: We will watch the Living Matrix movie and have a rememberance for our recently departed chapter member, Warren Michealsen.  If time allows we will discuss the future of the chatper.  http://www.thelivingmatrixmovie.com/
February 13th: Anastasia Papanikolaou
Unlimited Body Practitioner
March 13th: Astrologer and chapter member Sarah Fuhro

April 9-11, 2010: For those of you interested in Crop Circles, our chapter will be offered a discount on registration:
April 17th: Bonnie & Jim McGrath will present photos from their trips to Sedona, AZ, Crop Circles in the UK, and Cornwall, UK http://www.lightdancespirit.com/ 

May 15th: Trip to Boston's Trinity Church

August 14th: 25th Anniversary of the Boston Dowsers!
contact smcneill@net1plus.com for details!

September 11th: Advanced Dowsing Techniques taught by chapter members.

October 9th: Swearing in of Officers and Flower Essence Specialist featuring working with grief

November 13th: Bambi Miller, A chapter in your Golden Book of LIPH (Life).
Bambi invites your inner child to be your guide through various artistic experiences to co-create our very own little "Golden Book."  We  will work/play/create with our six senses and a multitude of fun art supplies, recycled materials, and our endless imaginations.  Our dowsing keys will help us unlock the messages we can bring forth to enlighten our lives.  As seen through the eyes of our little child, our untapped potential is limitless.  Bambi Miller a/k/a Cowgirl Lil, wears many hats.  A member of ASD since 1988, she is the  Director of the Charlemont Town Library, an Artist, Teacher, Mother and GrandMother, and  is  an Independent Researcher, utilizing dowsing for retrieval of historic information. Through intuition/dowsing Bambi was able to uncover information  that enabled the Town of  Charlemont to be  recognized by the National Parks Service "Network to Freedom," for having two houses that were part of the Underground Railroad.  Bambi appeared on  the Boston WCVB-TV Evening  "Chronicle"  Program on the   August 11, 2005 episode "Intuition."  Bambi was awarded a "Gold Star" by  the Massachusetts Cultural Council of Arts and Humanities for her "Frog Castle Creative Arts Experiences."  She has been working with  Frog Castle Creativity and manifesting  for twenty-five years, helping guide over 500 participants of all ages through the F.C. Journey.  She believes Dowsing, research, creativity and art are and the same energies, and is excited about the possibilities that evolve through creative endeavors.

December 4th: Holiday Party

2009 Schedule
All meetings are from 2:00-5:00 p.m.
New feature:
Dowsing lesson from 1:30-2:00 p.m.; tools will be available for purchase
January 10th: Linda Varone Feng Shui and prosperity for the New Year http://www.lindavarone.com/default.asp

February 14th: We'll be sharing Dowsing stories, how we LOVE dowsing and how we use it in our every day life. Bring your dowsing tools and stories to share.

March 14th: An afternoon with Angels: Leslie Gabrielle & Janice M. Evelyn      
Evelyn is: An Angel Practitioner who shares the joy and messages that your Angels are guided to send to you. Helping you to understand and know that you are surrounded by angels and that all you need to do is to call on them for help. A spiritually motivated person whose intent is to help you on your own path. Janice is an experienced Reiki Master/ Teacher.  http://www.withloveandgratitude.com
April 18th:
Louise Hay's Movie: You can Heal Your Life and chapter member and Past Chapter Vice President, Valeska von Allworden will talk about her experiences with healing others.
May 2nd:
We will discuss and share various dowsing techniques we use in our every day life.
June 20th:
Chapter BBQ Potluck near Cape Cod.  Contact DeLores for details.
September 12th:Stephanie Bennett Vogt will discuss Space Clearing http://www.spaceclear.com/ 
October 17th: Ellen Cashman
I am a former Language Arts teacher turned Landscape Gardener.  I have been gardening for 20 years in the Merrimack Valley.
Around 1999, in an effort to get in touch with my own Spirit Guides, I became quite quickly intuitive and was asked by the Masters if I would help to heal and give information to the "healers, movers and shakers" who were acting as agents for positive change on the planet.  That began my journey into healing and channeling information which I continue today.  I was instructed never to take money for what I do for the Masters and I never have.
I also have channelled in formulas for many natural products that are made from water and essential oils which I now sell at

November 14th: Adhi Two Owls
As a Shaman, Adhi's objects reflect her close relationship with nature, her expertise in Biogeometry, Reiki, Buddhism, Advanced Energy Science's, and formal training from the Kansas City Art Institute. Using the finest materials available, no materials used harm the earth or endanger any species. Only a small number of objects are produced, as she spends a significant amount of time calibrating the designs so you receive a well made, quality product that is enduring. New Insights into Egyptian Sacred Sites

Adhi will present a digital slide lecture on her recent discoveries while in Egypt this past October. Her focus will be on the the Red and Bent pyramids of Dashur, the Great pyramid of Giza and the Karnak temple of Luxor. She will explore the designs and still present energies of they sacred sites.
There are 5 pyramids build in Dashur. Three of these were never used as burial chambers. They were build as experiments in energy emittion and condensing. The Red pyramid in particular emits high levels of negative green. Negative green in the work of the Radiesthesists (vibrational dowsers) was the spiritual carrier wave. This carrier wave falls into the the gamma waves of the Electromagnetic spectrum. It has beneficial and non-beneficial qualities. It was found in the mummies and burial chambers of most of the unraided tombs. In Biogeometry, negative green is found in all sacred space and is the wave form that carries information in-between dimensions.

The other pyramid of interest in this area is the Bent pyramid. This is what I believe to be one of the first attempts to modify the Negative green energy to only its beneficial qualities.

The designs worked out Dashur eventally lead to the final design of the Great Pyramid of Giza which emits the full electromagnetic spectrum yet the non-beneficial qualities have been transmuted. She will show slides and demonstrate with using the Universal pendulum and various measuring tools the different angles and alignments that make these pyramids amazing energy achievements.

December 5th from Noon until 5:00 p.m.
December Holiday Party (Pot Luck)
at DeLores Cook's Home
Please call DeLores at 978-632-1331

Please scroll down for map and directions to meeting.


Click here for photo/info regarding our meeting location; Bedford Unitarian Universalist Church

Priviledge of GBCASD Membership (Tape Library)

The Greater Boston Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers (GBCASD) holds monthly meetings at the Bedford Unitarian Universalist Church(2nd Floor).  All are welcome to attend.  Building is Handicap Accesible.
Directions to Bedford Unitarian Universalist Church
Address is 75 The Great Road, Bedford, Mass.

From Rte 95 (Rte 128) take exit 31 towards Bedford Center. This will put you on Rte 4 & 225. Look for the BIG WHITE CHURCH on your left. The Bedford Unitarian Universalist Church is located on Routes 4 & 225 before the fire station and can be accessed by taking a left onto School Street or Elm Street. Parking is available around the church on the street along the fence.  Enter on the right side of the building (when your facing church from 4 & 225).  Meeting on 2nd Floor.

2008 Schedule

Meetings are from 2:00-5:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified

Here is our schedule for the year at the Bedford Unitarian Universalist Church:

January 5th

Our speaker for January will be Elizabeth Foley. Her website is http://www.divinehealing.us

February 2nd

Beth Anderson: Reflexologist


March 1st

Linda Varone: Feng Shui; Cures for Love and Money


April 5th

Leslie Gabrielle: Stop Self Sabotage through Energetic Healing


May 3rd

 Yoke Kajiwara Chun, M.S., L.Ac, Japanese Acupuncture



June 8th (Sunday!!!)

Gladys McCoy! Special Event; details to follow!


September 13th (Field Trip!):

Araya Fast will lead a Sacred American Indian Site Walk in Carlisle, Mass. Meet at 66 Westford Road in Carlisle (Carlisle Town Hall) at 1:30.  Less than a mile walk.  Wear sensible shoes and

Sacred American Indian October 18th:

Dharma Talk,Swearing in of new Chapter Officers, Potluck. Ajahn Mangkone from the Wat Buddhabhavana in Westford, MA  will bless our chapter and our ceremony at our usual meeting place, the Bedford Unitarian Church. http://www.greatwisdomcenter.org/ Please call DeLores Cook at 978-632-1331 to let her know what you'll bring to the Potluck.

November 1st

Adhi Two Owls: Using Patterns to Transform & Manifest

December 6th

Holiday Party at DeLores' House


2007 Schedule

Meetings are from 2:00-5:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified

Here is our schedule for the year at the Bedford Unitarian Universalist Church:

January 6th: Movie: The Secret http://www.thesecret.tv/


February 3rd: Connie McGrath

((Not to be confused with Bonnie, Jim’s wife) will be our speaker   This will be an interactive meeting, so bring your favorite dowsing tool (pendulum, L-rod, etc.) because we’ll be learning new methods of muscle testing as well as being introduced to the Yuen Method Full Spectrum Healing (beyond QiGong) (Chinese Energy Work) and a demonstration of this energy strengthening practice.

Connie's website: http://www.newbodymindspirit.com/index.shtml

What is the Yuen Method?http://www.yuenmethod.com


March 3rd: Jim Young--Genesa Crystals! (they're NOT rocks)


April 7th: Meeting cancelled due to Holy Holidays

May 5th: Rolfer Garret Whitney


June 2nd

July BBQ

July 29-August 6th ASD Convention

September 8th: Mystery Meeting starring Chatper Vice President, Ruth Molin (past life regression)


October 13th: (note date change)Meeting at Stone's Public House.  Click http://www.stonespublichouse.com/directions.html for directions; Price will be announced; you need to let us know you're coming.

November 3rd: Kathryn Deputat

KATHRYN DEPUTAT's work with the Mind spans two decades. She draws on highly attuned listening and intuitive skills to assist those who seek to cultivate clear, authentic expression in life and/or writing.  She finds this process to be transformative, deeply moving, and a privilege to facilitate and witness.


December Holiday Potluck Party at DeLores' House: Saturday, December 1st from Noon until 4:00 p.m.


2006 Dates for meetings
I will fill in the speakers as I schedule them.
All meetings are on a Saturdays from 2:00-5:00 p.m.
January  7th; Victor Robert Venckus (Past life regression)http://www.innerexplorationprocess.com/victorvenckus/index.html (info on Victor here: Victor Venckus, January 7, 2006 Speaker)
February 4th; Jeff Belanger (hauntings, spirit communication, and
Nightmares/dreamshttp://www.ghostvillage.com (info on Jeff here: Jeff Belanger, February 4, 2006 Speaker)
March 4th; Gayle Kirk; Mediumship, Channeling
Info on Gayle: Click here
April 1st: Jan Royce Conant, Animal Communicator.  Info on Jan click here
May 6th: Geomancy at DeLores' House
June convention; June 16-24; Lyndon State College, Vermont
Summer BBQ: The Summer BBQ will be held on Saturday, July 15th in Granville, Massachusetts (next to the New York and Connecticut Borders in Western Massachusetts).  If you are interested in attending, please email Susan mailto:smcneill@net1plus.com
August: No meeting
September 9th: Dietrech Pessin, Astrologer
October 21st: Officer Installation Potluck
Special Guest Speakers:
Gladys McCoy & Vernell Boyd
Workshop on October 22nd; details to follow!
November 4th meeting to be announced
November 10th-12th Chapter Field Trip!!
We're attending the Crop Circle Conference!
Click the link below for details:
December 2nd Holiday Party
DeLores' House

2005 Schedule (all meetings on Saturdays from 2:00-5:00 unless otherwise stated)
January 15th: Pat Dornik: Raising Your Vibrational Rate
January 16th: Pat Dornik Workshop;  "Calibrated Energy Therapy, An Evolving Process" 11:00-3:00 p.m. Westford, MA Cost: $50, 978-392-1456, for details or email smcneill@net1plus.com or villadphilomena@aol.com Click here for Pat's website: Pat Dornik Workshops
February 12th: Diane Powers: Shiatsu & Hara; Shiatsu which is a Japanese method of balancing the energy flow along the acupuncture meridians using pressure & intention. Hara (abdomen) diagnosis: determines which of the two meridians are most imbalanced.  Diane will bring a table so that she may demonstrate on some willing volunteers.  Get ready to do some meridian stretching!
February 18th-20th: Bill Russell, Weekend Workshop;
shamanism & intention of thought.  Friday night: Intro.
Saturday & Sunday workshop: $100 in Westford, MA
March 12th:  (Saturday in Bedford) Meeting time: 2:00 – 5:00: 

Constant A. Madon has been an energy worker for the past 10 years who uses his knowledge and skills to help others. His goal is to empower those who need help to make the necessary changes in their minds, bodies, spirits and energy fields that will make their lives better.  He comes to us from Plattsburgh, New York. Website: http://www.energyworker.org

March 13th, 2005 (Sunday in Westford):

On Sunday, March 13th Constant will do a workshop at the Spuhler home from 10:00 to 4:00. Topic: CHANGE YOUR ENERGIES CHANGE YOUR LIFE; Price: $50

Have you ever wondered why some people’s lives flow so smoothly and they are able to get what they want, seemingly without even trying?  In this course you will be harnessing Universal Energies for a better life. 


In some way these special people have learned to harness the energies of the universe and then to fashion the things they want, be it money, love, career, etc.  In this workshop, you will learn about energies and frequencies and how to use them to make your life better, how to use your mind to control and refine these energies and frequencies and to focus them toward a specific outcome.

PROGRAM AGENDA: 1 The Universe Listens, 2 Beginning Energy Work, 3 Consciousness, 4 Creating Energy, 5 The Essential Energies, 6 The Energy of Water, 7 Intuition-How it Works, 8 Openness-No Coincidences, 9 Energy Exercises 10 Chakras-What They Are and How They Work, 11 Energy Chords, 12 Energy Blocks, 13 The Energy of Love, 14 The Energy of Light, 15 Theory of Frequencies, 16 Putting it all Together

April 16th: Dan Wilson from England
Dan will once again entertain us with tales of healing (can I say that?) and fascinating dowsing stories.  Deviceless Dowsing methods will be taught.
May 14th: GBCASD Chapter Member Mary Farrell;
 Talk to Your Body: What if you possessed a skill that would allow you to see the effect that your environment was having on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body?  Dowsing and kinesiology are simple tools that anyone can use to explore the effects that our thoughts, the music we listen to, the food we eat, and the people we interact with, i.e. what we choose to surround ourselves with,  has on the health of our physical and energy body.  A healthy physical body keeps you balanced for the challenges you encounter in daily life and a healthy clear energy body allows you to move beyond the everyday and enter the world of the mystic.  Come see for yourself how your thoughts are creating your experience.  Explore what is life enhancing and what is toxic to you in this interactive and informative workshop.  No dowsing experience required but a willingness to experiment is.
July 9th: Gladys McCoy! Our annual BBQ is a special event this year with the celebration of our chatper's 20th anniversary! http://www.ozarkresearch.org
Gladys will be our special guest on the 9th and will teach a workshop on Sunday, July 10th;
Please call DeLores Cook (978) 632-1331 and let her know what food you'll be bringing for the Saturday Potluck that starts at noon!
August: Let's take the month off for good behavior
September 10th: Henry MacLean: Henry will discuss  geomancy and its various aspects. Click here for info on Henry's talk.
October 14th-16th; Joey Korn Workshop; details Here: Joey Korn.   Check out his website: http://dowsers.com/  ***This event takes place at 232 Concord Road, Westford, MA, map to event on Joey's webpage on this site***
November 12th: Tom Sotiridy from Newburgh, New York;  will discuss S.P.L.A.T ("Society for the Prevention of Little Animal Tragedies") http://www.canadiandowsers.org/Article_Possum1.html; He will discuss clearing electromagnetic pollution and the Power of Water.  On Sunday there will be a workshop at 232 Concord Road, Westford; Minimum donation of $25
December 3rd: Holiday Party Potluck: DeLores Cook's home, Gardner, Mass.  Ho Ho Ho!  Party Starts at Noon, ends at 5:00 p.m.  RSVP and let DeLores know what yummy food you'll be bringing; 978-632-1331 or mailto:blueeagle@net1plus.com

*All meetings are held on Saturdays (see dates) from 2-5 p.m. at the Bedford Unitarian Universalist Church unless otherwise noted.

Annual Chapter dues: $15/household

Meeting admission fee:  $4.00 for members; $7.00 for non-members

Schedule for 2004 (all meetings on Saturdays)

January 10th: David Alden; Rife Machine;Q-X-C-I Machine.  David Alden states: "Even if one is very sick, that they should be encouraged to attend. If they are the demonstration subject for the rife device, they may well return home free of the cold. It is important to note that the rife device specifically targets bacteria, viruses and parasites.
Conditions caused by factors outside of these would be addressed with the Q-X-C-I.
Thank you,
- David

Information & history of the Rife Machine: http://www.rife.org/index.html

February 7th:Bill Burns: Past Chapter President & Past ASD Trustee; Water Dowsing

March 13th Gail Byrnes (Student of Eliot Cowan); Plant Spirit Medicine;Click here for Eliot Cowan workshop details>>Events

April 17th: (Dan Wilson from England will be making his annual visit to the US and will speak to our chapter on deviceless dowsing and pin-pointing illness. 

April 24th & 25th: Special Workshop: Raymon Grace from Virginia.  Workshop from 9:00 until 5:00 pm both days.  $225 before April 14th; $250 after April 14th.  http://www.susantom.com/raymon.html Make checks out to GBCASD and mail to Susan Spuhler, 232 Concord Road, Westford, MA 01886; Photos from the event are here: Photos from Raymon Grace's April 2004 Workshop

MORNING:: May  15th  LearnBeginner and Intermediate  Dowsing with  Holly Evans.  9:00 -  11:30;  Leominster, Mass. email:  phjevans@aol.com  or call:  978-537-4863.   Fee:  $45

AFTERNOON::May 15th:GBCASD Vice President Valeska  von Allworden; healing  and dowsing

June 6-13th:American Society of Dowsers 44th Annual Convention; www.dowsers.org

July  10th:  Annual Chapter Potluck/BBQ  at the Spuhler's; call DeLores to tell her what you're bringing:  978-632-1331;  Noon until 5:00 p.m. Vegetarian please  bring your favorite dish.  Hamburgers and Hot Dogs will be provided.

August: No meeting

September 11th:Holly Anne Evans; Adventures in Everyday Living.  The Tools needed for this experiential workshop are: pen/pencil, pendulum or small L rod, ruler, and detailed map of place where each person lives ( this last  item is important).  We will begin going from the mundane to God centered living with dowsing.  Everyone will be taking with them their own plan for change and joy.  Come and enjoy the afternoon.  Bring your little kid spirit.  Set your intention for:  New mind set for everyday living.

October 16th:Jean Slatter: Hiring the Heavens! http://www.jeanslatter.com:  Jean will speak to the chapter on Saturday and then there will be a workshop on Sunday.  Time for the swearing in of our new officers!  This year we're having a pot luck luncheon so that everyone can participate.   More info to follow

November 5th: Freddy Silva: "How the body of a form is imprinting on Earth via crop circles.  Special meeting time and place.  Call 978-392-1456 for details.  Freddy's website: http://www.lovely.clara.net/

November 13th:Margo Mariana; aligning with your higher self to improve your dowsing.  Margo's website: http://www.margomarianapsychiccounselor.com/events.htm or email her at margomariana@aol.com

November 30th: Slim Spurling; www.slimspurling.com Special chapter meeting at the Spuhler home.  6:00 p.m. Potluck.  Call DeLores to RSVP 978-632-1331

December 4th   Holiday Party

Schedule for 2003

January 19th: NOTE SPECIAL TIME: **NOON-5:30 pm**

Robert Gilbert Tapes (Part 2); EGYPTIAN-EUROPEAN ENERGY WORK Video Seminar

February 9th: Wendy Marks, Medical Intuitive Wendy is available for Private Consultations: 781-449-5368

March 16th: Rita Skiba, Manifesting Change To Create The Life You Want: How to Use Manifest Statements  For Further information: Call or email Rita: Phone: 978.683.0027 Email: rita@wisdomwithincoaching.com

April 6th: Rita Berkowitz, Spirit Artist, Spirit Communicator, Spiritual Counselor  http://www.thespiritartist.com/

May 18th:Building a Medicine Wheel at the Snowden’s Home in Northboro, MA.  For directions, call 508-393-1261.  Address is 87 Indian Meadow Drive.

June 12th-15th:Annual 43rd ANNUAL DOWSER CONVENTION, Lyndonville, Vermont Sig Lonegren is keynote speaker. www.dowsers.org

 July 13th: Annual Potluck BBQ: Location: The Spuhlers., Westford, MA.  Call Alice Harvey with what goodies you'll be bringing 978-369-4990.  We will be honoring Past GBCASD President Kay Grady Whitefield.

September 14th: Dr. Linda Reynolds, Ayurvedic Medicine http://www.lifescinav.com/functional/index.asp

October 19th: Dr. Bryn Walsh, Accupuncture http://www.brynwalsh.com/

November 9th: Joel Kaplan; Since Joel’s death experience in 1996 he has changed the life saving procedure in using defibrillator machines across the whole United States. He was revived after being shocked seven times. The procedure prior was only shocking a person three times.

Joel is now able to look at an individual and see very clearly into their reality. He is dedicated to serving others, and his desire is to be happy, healthy and grow to his fullest potential. It is also his desire for everyone in the world to have these same things. He has also been given the gift of telepathy to be used only in a positive manner. He is currently involved with many individuals and is assisting them to grow and become more of who they truly are. He is a medical intuitive, clairvoyant and healer who is internationally recognized. He looks forward to serving all others at their highest level and for their highest good.

*****Party Postponed to December 14th: Holiday Party at DeLores Cook's NEW home in Westminster, Mass.  Come join the festivities at DeLores's beautful NEW home in Westminster, Mass.  The address is 70 Whitney Street in Westminster, Mass.

Her phone number is 978-632-1331.  The event is from 2:00 until 5:00 p.m.

Please bring a gift (or gifts) for the Annual Water for Humanity Fund Raffle as well as some food to share for this holiday Pot Luck.

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