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For those of you in the Greater Boston Chapter, here is the list of the audio cassette tapes we have in our tape lending library.  David Gress is the keeper of the tapes.  They will be available for viewing and borrowing at chapter meetings. 
These audio cassette tapes are property of the Greater Boston Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers.  These audio cassette tapes were purchased with GBCASD monies or donated by generous GBCASD chapter members.  If you are a member of the GBCASD, you may borrow these tapes.
Click on the link below to view the list of audio cassette tapes.

click here to download Tape Library List

Here is a sample of tapes we have for you to borrow;
Tape No.  Title                                           Presenter           Conference&Year
1             Huna & the Psychic Self              Enid Hoffman    no info
2             Biofeedback Dowsing                 Enid Hoffman    Southeast 1987
3.1          Using a Pendulum for self-          Enid Hoffman    Lyndonville 1984
              discovery Part 1
3.2          Using a Pendulum for self-          Enid Hoffman    Lyndonville 1985
              discovery Part 2
5.1         Pendulum Dowsing of                 Enid Hoffman    Lyndonville 1981
              Personality Part 1
5.2         Pendulum Dowsing of                 Enid Hoffman    Lyndonville 1981
             Personality Part 2
6           Dowsing Polarity                          Enid Hoffman   Lyndonville 1990



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