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Joey Korn

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Joey Korn

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Joey Korn will be in Boston from October 14-16th with private sessions available October 17th & 18th.
***This entire event will be held at 232 Concord Road, Westford, MA 01886 ***
Friday night event (6:00 p.m.): Oct 14th $10 potluck supper with Kabbalah lecture
Saturday(10:00-6:00): Oct 15th Level 1
Sunday(10:00-6:00): Oct 16th Level 2 

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Register online by clicking here:  http://www.dowsers.com/page6.html

For further information, email Susan at mailto:smcneill@net1plus.com or call 978-392-1456

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Lecture-Dowsing & Kaballah: Sacred Energy Patterns in Nature


Oct. 14 7:00pm 232 Concord Rd., Westford, MA 01886 Potluck at 6:00p.m., $10 donation

Please park across the street on Preservation Way

call 978-392-1456 to let us know what you're bringing

Joey will explain a key premise in Kabbalah and help you apply it actively into your life through dowsing combined with prayer and blessing. You'll witness a powerful demonstration of the dynamic relationship we each have with the spiritual Light that is behind everything in the physical world. Nature supports our every thought, action, and emotion with energy, or more accurately, with Light. The more we understand this, the more we can take charge of the process.

The kabbalistic Tree of Life is real, not just a symbol. Joey will show you how to detect this pattern of energies and work with it to improve your life. This sacred pattern also repeats itself in Earth energies. It's everywhere around us, just like the ancient teachings tell us. Learn more at http://www.dowsers.com


Level 1 Workshop -Sat., Oct. 15, 10-6

Dowsing, Blessing, &the Kabbalah Connection Learn to detect various kinds of detrimental subtle energies (geopathic stress zones) with dowsing.

Then learn to use prayerful statements of intent to:

*Change detrimental energies that weaken you into beneficial ones that strengthen you Attract new beneficial energies to attract what you most desire in life 

*Transmute harmful emanations of EMFs (electromagnetic fields around appliances) into beneficial energies to support you 

*Attract what you most desire into your life 

*Detect and work with our "two lights of the soul"

You'll also learn about Joey's most significant discovery. The kabbalistic Tree of Life is real and Joey can teach you to find it and work with it to help yourself and others in life.

Learn more at http://www.dowsers.com


Level 2 Workshop-Sun., Oct. 16, 10-6

Deviceless Dowsing and Working with the Tree

In this jam-packed workshop, you'll learn to:

* Dowse with just your hands and arms 

*Find detrimental energies with your vision & feelings, and change them to be beneficial 

*Detect detrimental energies anywhere in the world you can imagine yourself being, & change them to be beneficial from wherever you are 

*Dowse the kabbalistic Tree of Life in the Bed Pattern and the Human Energy Pattern

*Work with these kabbalistic energies to bring healing and balance into your life and to others

*Charge objects with the Life Force

*Charge EMFs (electromagnetic fields) with specific energies to help you in your life

Register online at http://www.dowsers.com/page6.html

Level 1-$95 in adv, $110 at door. Level 1 & Level 2 -$175 adv, $190 at door.

Level 1 is pre-requisite to Level 2. Pot luck lunch both days, call Susan at 978-392-1456.

Personal Sessions or One-on-One Training by Appt- Monday, Oct. 17 &Tuesday, Oct. 18.

Limited Appointments! Register Nowfor Workshops & Personal Appts.

Contact Joey at 1-877-369-7464 or Joey@dowsers.com

For local info call Susan McNeill Spuhler at 978-392-1456 or smcneill@netlplus.com