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2018 Greater NE UFO Conference
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Here are some interesting links I've come across and thought you might enjoy!

Raymon Grace's *NEW* website!

Click here for Total Eclipse info October 2004

Genesa Crystals
I especially like Genesa Crystals.  This website gives you a pattern so that you can make one of your own.  The photo in the upper left hand portion of our website is a Genesa Crystal.
Dowsing and then some....
This website has just about every dowsing or dowsing related resource available.  Thanks Jackie Reid!
Want to attend a meeting with the local Boston Dowsing Chapter?
Contact Susan at smcneill@net1plus.com with further questions or check the Dowsing Information page on this website for meeting dates, times, locations and speakers.
Online Dowsing Lesson using a pendulum
For those who would like to learn how to dowse with a pendulum
This version of Letter to Robin has it in Spanish, French, German and both sites are a free download of this well known book.
Ever hear of Orbs? Check out Jan and John Bean's website!

Paranormal Archeology

New Jersey Ghost Organization