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July 2001 GBCASD BBQ

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These are photo from our annual BBQ.  We had lots of great food, a treasure hunt and Mary Farrell did Tarot card readings for those who were interested.  As you can see, we had a lot of fun!

Anne and Sheila
This was a combination BBQ and Birthday celebration for Anne and Sheila

Elizabeth and the Mushroom she found
We had a treasure hunt for coins and this is what she found. She's also a mushroom enthusiast.

Barbara in the kitchen
She's preparing her delicious taco salad

Larry (my Dad) and Dolores Cook

Mary Farrell reading Larry's cards

Margie (my Mom) getting her cards read by Mary

Laura, Joanne, & Gordon with the dinosaur


Anne, Margie, Larry, Susan

The Big Green Egg & Pinnacle Grill

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