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Brian May is a dowser from Australia.  Here's his latest adventure on Christmas Island!

Deise and "orbs"
This is Brian's Wife, Deise (pronounced Daisy)

Here's a couple of pictures of some energy areas here - real weird stuff happens here - went to a waterfall that is considered quite unusual - took a bunch of photos and one showed up with orbs ??? - I'm not a great believer in them but only in one photo - I thought it may have been drops of water but I took about four frames in 10 seconds and only one
showed them. The weather is very humid as well so I cant imagine droplet evaporation occurring in less than a second.

Also an interesting experience yesterday - at one installation I noticed a Hawk sitting on the fence quite agitated - it was diving at a pigeon trying to get it to fly so it could attack it on the wing, but the pigeon
was having nothing of it. I managed to get within about 3 feet of the Hawk and photograph it - then turned my attention to the pigeon - I had no intention in interfering with nature and was going to let them play it out between them - I took a photo of the pigeon as it huddled against the fence - I actually managed to touch it on the tail when taking the photo -
it was obviously exhausted - no water, been trapped for hours in the hot sun knowing that if it moved it was dead meat - but also realising that it was slowly
dehydrating to the point it would die.

I stood up switching off the camera and felt something on my foot - the pigeon had moved between my feet for protection. It looked up at me with absolute resignation in it's eyes - there was no way of interpreting its action other than it was looking for help and protection. So I grabbed it -
took another photo and drove about half a mile and let it go, well away from the Hawk.




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